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Dear friends, dear companions!

The topics awaiting you are:
  • Spring equinox: Light Healers Action
  • Call for a Prayer Circle
  • Healing Weekend for Mothers moved to a new address

Spring equinox on 21 March
How to successfully use the energies pouring in on this day for being creative.
This time this special day is on Good Friday and a full moon day. But what makes this day really special is that this year the solar energy wave is brought on to the level of a stellar energy wave!
This means that the powers for positive changes are multiplied! Therefore take advantage of the favourable moment and send your projects thoughts filled with light!
Besides, there is a global meditation taking place on Friday morning.
You are invited to latch on to this energy wave and to send our planet light, love and healing... in whatever way you chose to do it: in prayer, meditation, singing, chanting!

In the general circular mail it says:
"Give the world and the galaxy ALL YOU GOT!!"
The loving energy of each individual is sought after!

Here in Austria the optimal time is after 1.30 p.m. But: No matter when you have time, since there are people meditating in the world, you can latch on to the energy wave at any time.
Many thanks to Simone Pfeifer for the thrilling information!

Call for a Prayer Circle
It is about a young Sports student who got lupus two months ago; lupus is an autoimmune disease which is most common in young women.
Up until now I have supported her with Angels and Angel symbols.
She survived 4 operations up until the present, but her life is actually endangered, therefore I am asking you for your help!
As Jesus said: "...where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them"
Let's pray together for Mojca – each of us in their own way.
If you feel like doing it, contact me at
You will get all the details.

New workshop address: Healing Weekend for Mothers
We found an ideal place for our "Workshop for Mothers" planned for 12 – 13 April:
„ Mütterstudio“
Institutsgasse 17
Bad Fischau near Wiener Neustadt
You can find the details on this lovingly designed workshop under Events.

Light and Love and Happy Easter!