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„We cannot teach people anything;
we can only help them discover it within themselves.“
(Galileo Galilei) 

Integrated Mental Training according to
Dr. Kurt Tepperwein
What do you learn from Mental Training?



Take care of your thoughts
for they become words

Take care of your words
For they become your behaviour

Take care or your behaviour
For it becomes habit

Take care of your habits
For they become your character

Take care of your character
For it becomes your destiny

(from the Talmud)

Your circumstances strongly depend on what you think and feel. In the same way, your ideas and memorized patterns play a crucial role in your being successful or unsuccessful.

Each of your thoughts bears the potential to be realized, and if you only think that each day approximately 30,000 thoughts stream through your head, it becomes clear how great your creative power is, as well as how big your responsibility for life and for other people is.

So, in order to reach your full potential and to live in abundance, it is very important to deal thoroughly with the power of thoughts. You want to be happy, but you do not know and cannot create the prerequisites for it. Indeed, perhaps it is much simpler to give up the responsibility for your circumstances and to remain a passive figure in the „game of life“.

But if you have decided to become the „master“ of your life, mental training is one of the best tools I know that will bring about positive changes.

Hence, you start to learn your basic creative powers: thoughts – feelings – consciousness – subconsciousness – imagination – faith in order to work with them. You learn to become aware of your self, and a self-conscious life is a self-determined life!

You could also compare mental training with an exciting journey to yourself: when you arrive, you find all the attributes – such as happiness, fulfilment and peace – which you have been looking for outside, within yourself.