love light healing
„Allah, place light in my heart,
light on my sight, light behind me, light in front of me!“
(Abu Talib) 

Work with universal light
What does it bring about?
Basic concepts



People are in the first place energetic beings living on Earth, which itself is imbued with energy. This energy has many names: chi, prana, bioplasm or vital energy. Our human body is also surrounded by an energetic cover, or aura, and this is supplied with fine matter energy through chakras and meridians.

Now, for various reasons, such as negative thoughts or emotions, traumas, bodily injuries etc., blocks can develop in the chakras or meridians, so that the free flow of energy is interrupted or hindered. This can bring about various physical as well as psychic/psychological symptoms. If energy from the outside is supplied, it can dissolve blocks, and the supply of vital power from one's own power source can take place again.

Work with universal light deals precisely with these issues: resolving blocks with the help of light energy and reconstructing and strengthening one's entire energetic field. Hence, work with universal light is help for self-help.

„The vibration level rises as you move from the physical to the spiritual level. In other words, the body as an expression of the material world has the lowest vibration frequency, the psychological level has a medium vibration frequency, and the spiritual level the highest.

In order to elevate something that manifests itself at the lowest vibration level, as a physical symptom, to the psychological level, energy supply is necessary. Even more energy is necessary to reach the spiritual level.“

(Rüdiger Dahlke, PhD.)