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Ingrid Auer
Important Note

Angel Symbols are a gift to us from the world of Angels.

Particularly at the present time, when the so-called lightbody process is taking place, any help to our fine material body is welcome. Angel Symbols increase the vibration of the aura and chakras, thus exceptionally yet gently promoting this process .

At the same time, the Symbols support the harmonization of our mental structure, striking the balance between body and soul.

Angel Symbols are energized directly by the world of the Angels. They are also energetically sealed; therefore they cannot absorb external energies and they are self-purifying.

In order to increase the effectiveness of therapy, Angel Symbols can be used in addition to various forms of therapy such as:

Body massage, foot reflexotherapy, energy work, reiki, reconnective healing, touch for health, kinesiology, craniosacral therapy, rebirthing. They are also an invaluable aid to interested people from all spheres of life.

Some examples of how to use Angel Symbols:

  • Lay them on certain parts of the body or chakras
  • Lay them on your forehead or the top of your head in order to deepen your meditation
  • Keep them with you during the day for the sake of harmonization
  • Affix them to windows to harmonize rooms
  • Lay them under plates to energize food
  • Lay them under a drinking glass to energize water
  • Energize massage oils