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„In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles.“
(David Ben Gurion) 

What do I understand by angels?
How does intuitive angel consultancy function?
When is intuitive angel consultancy useful?



(From Wim Wenders's movie „Faraway, so close!“)

The word „angel“ means „God's messenger“.
God appointed angels to make life on Earth easier. Moreover, God created the law of free will, according to which every man has absolute freedom of decision. Neither God nor angels shall ever influence your free will. Therefore, it is important, if you want help or support from the angels, to simply ask for it. Apart from that, your guardian angels intervene without being asked only when your life is endangered and the time has not yet come for you to leave.

What's more, angels do not appear in a shining light and with huge wings; their manifestation rather conforms to human dimensions. They may give you an impulse or an intuitive feeling, which will show you the way. They can arrange it so that you hear an important sentence at exactly the moment when you, let's say, turn on the radio. But they can also enter your life as human helpers, assisting you in practical ways. If you go through life attentively, you will notice the great and small wonders of angels!